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The Chef


My name is Madhu and welcome to my world of authentic Indian Cuisine. Rasoi literally means “kitchen” or “home cooking” in the Hindi language. I have an innate passion for cooking which I realised from a very young age; I used to watch and learn from my Mother and eldest Sister and when I was about eight years old, I was let loose in the kitchen to make the evening meal for our family of nine.

I also learned a lot after I got married, using the direction from my Mother-in-law to unite two ways of cooking, thus creating my own unique style. I soon realised that the combinations of flavours were unique and quite unlike anything already available and that is when the first sauce was developed, closely followed by the others, creating a brand-new interpretation of a traditional curry creation. Over the years I have sliced, diced, shaken and stirred thousands of dishes, experimenting with flavours and textures for my family and friends and now I’m sharing the most mouth-watering flavours with you.

Food Demonstration